Northwest Innovation Works LLC (NWIW), a new company (who has never built a methanol facility) backed by the Chinese government, wants to build the largest methanol (a volatile petrochemical) refinery in the world (about as large as all seven U.S. methanol plants combined) on the Columbia River in the small town of Kalama, Washington. Fracked gas from B.C. and the Rockies would be brought by a 300-mile long Williams pipeline (which will need expansion) through Washington to Kalama, converted to methanol (in a process never before used industrially), and exported in super-tankers through the Columbia River estuary to China where it would be used to make plastics, burned as transportation fuel, or sold on the open market.

This is NOT a "not in my backyard" protest. This massive facility should not be built ANYWHERE. We need to REDUCE our use of fossil fuels, keep them in the ground! Move to sustainable energies NOW -- wind, solar, geothermal -- these are the only acceptable way to power the earth if we wish to avoid burning it to death.

This project would use eminent domain (for corporate not public gain) to take resident's private property, obligate Washington state to decades more of fossil fuel extraction and consumption, contribute substantially to global warming, use vast amounts of fresh water, pollute our air and river, harm salmon, and expose the people of the northwest to health and safety risks. This is an extremely dangerous proposal, all for 192 jobs (few from Cowlitz County). Not worth the risks! Say NO to methanol in SW WA. Don't let the beautiful Columbia River estuary become the new Gulf Coast disaster.

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NWIW is trying to build twin methanol refineries on the lower Columbia River. Say hell NO!

NO to methanol in Kalama
Tell Governor Inslee to publicly OPPOSE the Kalama methanol refinery. Make an online Public Comment.

NO to methanol in Clatskanie
Tell Columbia County Commissioners to DENY the Port Westward rezone of 837 acres of farmland to industrial port property. Make an online Public Comment.

Current State of the Kalama Proposal

Appeals of the shorelines permit and environmental impact statement (EIS) were filed on 6/29 by Earth Justice on behalf of Columbia Riverkeeper, Sierra Club, and Center for Biological Diversity. This delay provides an opportunity for statewide action.


Tell Governor Inslee #InsleeMust stand by his #ActOnClimate and #ParisAccord statements and publicly oppose this refinery.

Care about climate, human health, and the Columbia?


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