We are a strong and growing group of concerned neighbors and local climate activists working to stop the world's largest fracked-gas to methanol refinery and export terminal from being built along the Columbia River in WA. Together we CAN stop this enviro-disaster in its tracks. Please join us in peaceful action! NO fossil fuels. NO Fracking.
YES to 100% renewable clean energy and a sustainable future.

What Can You Do?

~ Learn The Facts about this massive refinery and how fracked gas contributes to climate pollution. Educate friends and neighbors.

~ Participate in Events, Meetings, and Actions. Keep up-to-date (see sidebar).

~ Be heard! Submit comments and present testimony at every opportunity (public comment period, hearing, etc.).

~ Write a letter-to-the-editor (LTE). See How to Write LTE. Submit to List of Local Newspapers.
~ Your voice (and vote) matter. Tell Governor Inslee building the world’s largest methanol refinery is the wrong direction for our health, safety, river, and climate!

Gov. Inslee can't be the "Climate Candidate" for President in 2020 unless he publicly strongly opposes all new fracked gas projects and infrastructure. Join us in sending a message to Gov. Inslee. Written by a concerned Kalama resident, simply print, sign, and snail mail:

Letter to Gov. Inslee

~ Call Gov. Inslee's office (360-902-4111 or 855-863-4214) every day to voice your opposition. They keep a tally.

~ Share your concerns with Sen. Patty Murray, Sen. Maria Cantwell, your local Reps, and candidates for local office.

~ Join and/or donate to Columbia Riverkeeper and other like-minded organizations (in sidebar).

~ Spread the news on social media #NoMethanol360.

~ Perform research and write-up fact sheets or create infographics to share.

~ Use your unique talents in the best way possible.

Upcoming Events, Meetings, and Actions

Wed 4/3 6:00pm No Methanol monthly organizing meeting

Location: No Methanol Meeting Hall, 154 N. First Street, Kalama
5:30-6:00 Doors open at 5:30 for meet & greet social time
6:00-7:30 Meeting
All ages welcome. Kalama teens and young people encouraged to attend.
Get updates, plan events, and help stop this massive methanol refinery.
Need info? Contact Columbia Riverkeeper Conservation Director Dan Serres or any of the SAT-10 team.

Wed 4/17 6:00pm LCSC monthly membership meeting

Join LCSC in protecting and strengthening the environmental, social, and economic health of the lower Columbia River region. Become a member today!
Location: Lower Columbia College, Student Center, STC-120 conf rooms A,B,C. LCC 1600 Maple St Longview (campus map. STC is on east end of campus off 15th Ave just north of the Rose Center (building floor plan).
5:30-6:00 Doors open at 5:30 for meet & greet social time
6:00-7:30 Meeting

See sidebar for list of other regular meetings (port, city, etc.).

Contact Governor Inslee
  • Phone: 360-902-4111 or 855-863-4214. Can call daily.
  • FAX: 360-753-4110
  • E-message through the Governor's website
  •  @GovInslee GovInslee @WaStateGov
  • Snail Mail: Gov. Jay Inslee, Office of the Governor
    PO Box 40002, Olympia WA 98504-0002

Talking Points, courtesy of Columbia Riverkeeper.

Click HERE to complete online form urging Gov. Inslee to say NO to Methanol, NO to fracked gas on Columbia River.

Tell Gov. Inslee to publicly oppose the methanol refinery and protect Washington from a massive increase in fossil fuel use and infrastructure. As our "green governor" he must stand by his commitment to ACT ON CLIMATE, not allow this refinery to be built and become WA's top contributor to climate pollution by 2025 [SEI]. Increasing Washington's fracked gas use by 38%, derailing our clean energy future, that's the wrong direction! Governor Inslee -- be our climate champ, say NO to methanol.

Disclaimer: We do our best to assure all statements here are factual and sourced. We claim no responsibility for typos, errors, or misstatements.


Join us in action now.
Stop this Kalama calamity.

Columbia Riverkeeper is the lead organization assisting the community fight this refinery. Our Organizer from Columbia Riverkeeper on this campaign is Conservation Director Dan Serres (503-890-2441).

Keep Up-to-Date

Attend Regular Local Meetings

When possible attend Port, City, and County meetings. Wear red! Provide public testimony to voice your concerns to elected officials.

  • Cowlitz County Commission meeting every Tuesday 9:00 am at the Cowlitz County Administration Building, 207 N. 4th Ave., Kelso, 3rd floor. See information.
  • 1st WED: No Methanol monthly organizing meeting with Columbia Riverkeeper first Wednesday 6:00-7:30 pm at the No Methanol Meeting Hall, 154 N. First Street, Kalama (next door to Poker Pete's). Get updates, plan events, and learn how you can help. Doors open at 5:30 for social time.

  • 3rd WED: Lower Columbia Stewardship Community (LCSC) monthly meeting third Wednesday 6:00-7:30 pm at Lower Columbia College, Student Center STC-120 (map).

  • Port of Kalama Commission meeting second and fourth Wednesday 5:30 pm at the Port's Headquarters, 110 W. Marine Drive. See schedule.
  • Kalama City Council meeting first and third Thursday 7:00 pm at the Kalama City Hall, 320 N. 1st Street. See schedule and agenda.
  • Longview City Council meeting second and fourth Thursday 7:00 pm in the Longview Council Chambers, 2nd floor, 1525 Broadway, Longview. Agenda at calendar.

No Methanol Meeting Hall
154 N. First Street in downtown Kalama
Kindly provided to us by a local business owner.

The SAT-10 Team is composed of the 10 team leaders on the #NoMethanol360 campaign. Come to a monthly organizing meeting (first Wed. at 6pm) to meet the team and your other neighbors actively working for a clean sustainable future.


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